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What is Low Tech Laboratory?

Low Tech Laboratory is a project that includes a movie, 3D plans, webinars, and a tour, focusing on innovating permaculture technology to create a more efficient and abundant homesteading life.

Why should I watch the Low Tech Laboratory movie?

The movie teaches homesteading skills, supports the advancement of permaculture technology, and shares knowledge about eco-friendly techniques for natural building, food preservation, and more. It also features innovations in "rocket heat technology" for efficient wood heating and other purposes.

How Long Will I have Access?

Many years, probably more than ten years.

What kind of projects are featured in the movie?

The movie showcases mycelium insulation, a rocket kiln for ceramics, traditional woodworking, hugelkultur gardening, a spring terrace project for water collection, and various other sustainable homesteading techniques.

Can I build the projects featured in the movie?

Yes, the Low Tech Lab 3D Plans Bundle and the Combo as well provides detailed designs from the 2022 Permaculture Technology Jamboree at Wheaton Labs, allowing individuals to recreate a variety of low-tech projects at home.

Who are the instructors in the Low Tech Laboratory?

The instructors include Paul Wheaton, Beau Davidson, Opalyn Rose, Alan Booker, Austin Durant, Jim Juczak, Lisa Orr, Chris Alvashere, Uncle Mud, Samantha Lewis, Jacob Wustner, and Mike Haasl, each with their own expertise in various aspects of permaculture and homesteading.

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Low Tech Laboratory is the creation of Paul Wheaton – a powerful advocate of permaculture. He was dubbed the Duke of Permaculture by both Geoff Lawton and Sepp Holzer, and The Bad Boy of Permaculture by Occupy Monsanto.

Paul is the owner of the  He is also the founder of CoderanchRich Soil, an organic Garden Master CourseFree HeatWood Burning Stoves and Wheaton Labs.  He began his journey toward permaculture innovation in 1995.  At that time, he had created Bananacom, a program used to communicate between computers before there was even the internet. He received his Advanced Master Gardener certificate in 1997, and started writing articles about permaculture techniques in 1999 (he also started a forum to discuss java programming at the same time). Five years later, in 2004, Paul started up his permaculture forums. And things have grown exponentially since!