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Innovating permaculture technology for a more efficient and luxuriant homesteading life.

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Learn homesteading skills to empower YOU to become more resilient and self-sufficient whilst making your life more abundant - and help save the world in the process!



  • Learn about homesteading projects from experts and build them yourself (with help from the 3D plans also available).
  • Support the advancement of permaculture technology forward: collaboration, experimentation and innovation in the field of permaculture!
  • Build homesteading skills and gain knowledge of innovative and eco-friendly tech for natural building, fiber arts, food preservation, and more!
  • Explore traditional natural building techniques, and brand new innovations - from roundwood and earthen building techniques, to homemade mycelium insulation!
  • Save time and energy with incredible new inventions. Learn about solar and passive solar designs to capture, store, and move heat, water, and even electricity.
  • Event innovators have perfected super-efficient wood heat technology, achieving results that were previously regarded as "impossible." See new applications of "rocket heat technology" such as the Rocket Kiln, Forge, and Crucible (all producing high temperatures using remarkably small amounts of wood fuel).
  • Join a community who are bonkers about permaculture!

What's in the Movie?

Mycelium insulation

All-natural, biodegradable and non-toxic insulation panels that you can grow at home with free materials while harvesting culinary and medicinal mushrooms in the process.

Rocket kiln

The hyper-efficient, wood-fueled, and clean-burning rocket kiln that changed the ceramics world!


A log beehive, log picnic table, beautiful shaving horse for traditional woodworking, and more!


Hugelkultur is a raised garden bed made by mounding soil over decomposing wood. This method enhances soil fertility and moisture retention. The Low Tech Laboratory movie educates viewers on how to create their own hugelkultur beds.

Spring terrace project

A land feature that can produce hundreds of gallons of water per day from dry land.

So much more!

A simple solar pump, spinning wheel made from bicycle parts, sheep shearing and wool preservation, apothecary, food preservation, the list goes on!!


Explore the Low Tech Laboratory 3D Plans

The Low Tech Lab 3D Plans Bundle provides a comprehensive collection of designs from the 2022 Permaculture Technology Jamboree at Wheaton Labs. This bundle allows do-it-yourself enthusiasts to recreate a variety of low-tech projects. The plans included are a rocket engine, a rocket hot tub, two versions of log picnic tables, a shaving horse, a spinning wheel made from bicycle parts, a mycelium insulated door with Proenneke hinge, horizontal and vertical log beehives, a rocket kiln, hugelkultur, and spring terrace/humus well plans. These plans are tailored to help individuals innovate and apply permaculture principles through practical and sustainable projects.

Meet Your Instructors


The roster includes Paul Wheaton, heralded by Geoff Lawton as the Duke of Permaculture in 2012, serves as the host and a general permaculture expert. He is the founder of permies.com and a staunch advocate of Sepp Holzer’s methods. Beau Davidson shares his expertise on mycelium insulation, while Opalyn Rose offers insights into hugelkultur, spinning wheels, and apothecaries. Alan Booker imparts his knowledge on spring terraces, Austin Durant on food preservation, and Jim Juczak on log picnic tables and intentional community living. Lisa Orr and Chris Alvashere discuss the rocket kiln, Uncle Mud (Chris Mclellan) covers rocket technology and natural building, Samantha Lewis delves into animal husbandry, and Jacob Wustner talks bees. Additionally, Mike Haasl, who played a pivotal role in the creation of a shaving horse during the Permaculture Technology Jamboree, contributed to the practical applications of the discussed techniques.

What people are saying about the movie


So excited to have this info available to the masses!

This is such an inspiring movie with practical information to help you on your homesteading, off-grid and/or permaculture journey.

- Julie S.


Can't wait to start making my own mycelium insulation!

Low tech ideas are the way forward and the movie helps to make this a reality – along with the 3D plans. Recommend this for those who aspire to be free!

- Angus D.


Rockety stuff is AMAZING - the movie and plans are such good value.

I found the rocket kiln stuff really fascinating and can't wait to start planning a rocket hot tub!!

- Karl N.

Learn More with the Combo

Expand Your Low Tech Knowledge Beyond the Laboratory Movie and 3D Build Plans


The "Low Tech Tour" at Wheaton Labs is a 2-hour movie experience where viewers are taken on a journey through various sustainability and permaculture initiatives. Paul Wheaton, described as the lead Mad Scientist, showcases his experiments aimed at creating a world enriched by permaculture principles. The tour includes innovative techniques for growing food, such as hugelkultur and grey water systems, along with energy-efficient solutions like rocket stoves and solar dehydrators. Additionally, it features natural and energy-efficient living structures, including a rocket mass heated tipi and Wofatis—earth-sheltered homes that leverage natural materials for minimal heating and cooling. This educational tour spans over 300 acres of land dedicated to permaculture and homesteading experiments.


Beau Davidson's mycoinsulation recorded webinar discusses innovative uses of mushroom mycelium for insulation, DIY door construction, and crafting giant wooden hinges. It's designed to be engaging and party-like, or a "webinarty," as Beau terms it. Participants explore the practical aspects of growing mushrooms at nearly no cost, delving into suitable species and substrates, and embracing the trial-and-error process of homestead-scale biological research and development. The webinar also covers sustainable building techniques using Cross-Laminated Timber, Structural Insulated Panels, and other sustainable materials, all while considering the ethical implications of building materials and methods.

Low-Tech-Laboratory- Spring-Terrace-Webinar

Alan Booker's recorded webinar focuses on the concept of the Spring Terrace, which is a feature related to the Permaculture Technology Jamboree at Wheaton Labs from the year 2022. The webinar includes a detailed explanation of how spring terraces operate, the specific conditions necessary for their creation, and how one can identify if those conditions exist in their own environment. Additionally, Alan Booker discusses the methods used to evaluate potential locations for spring terraces at Wheaton Labs, including boring for test cores and digging test trenches to assess sub-soil conditions. Furthermore, a small-scale demonstration of installing a spring terrace was conducted, and details about this process were also shared during the webinar.

Low Tech Laboratory Movie

Movie - HD Streaming


In this movie you´ll see:

  • The 2022 Permaculture Technology Jamboree at Wheaton Labs
  • A rocket pottery kiln
  • Mycelium for insulation
  • Natural Building
  • Water harvesting techniques with Sepp Holzer´s  Spring Terrace
  • Various natural food preservation methods.
  • Sustainable beekeeping with a log beehives
  • The journey from sheep shearing to wool spinning
  • Interviews with the instructos
  • Permaculture Innovation


Low Tech Laboratory Combo

2 Movies - 2 Webinars- 12 builds  3D Plans


In this combo you´ll find:

  • Low Tech Laboratory Movie
  • Low Tech Lab 3D Plans Bundle (349 pages)
  • 65 Low Tech Things - tour movie
  •  Alan Booker´s Spring Terrace Webinar
  •  Beau Davidson´s Mycoinsulation Webinar

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Low Tech Lab 3D Plans

12 builds - 3D Plans 


You´ll find step by step 3D plans for:

  • Rocket engine (54 pages) 
  • Rocket Hot Tub
  • Rocket Kiln
  • Mycellium insulated door (33 pages)
  • Shaving horse (34 pages)
  • Bike spinning wheel (35 pages)
  • Log picnic table v1.0 (30 pages)
  • Log picnic table v2.0 (29 pages)
  • Log Beehives (48 pages)
  • Horizontal log beehive
  • Vertical log beehive
  • Hugelkultur (44 pages)
  • Spring Terrace (42 pages)



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